Horizon Reports is an ad hoc query and reporting solution that enables users to create and deliver business reports quickly and efficiently.

With the end-user in mind, Horizon Reports enables businesses to deliver end-user self-service ad hoc reporting to customers and/or internal users. Horizon Reports can report on virtually any database, including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDb, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and more.

Beautiful Reports Made Easy

You don't have to be a graphic artist to create beautiful reports with Horizon Reports. Use one of our gorgeous templates or make your own.

Create Reports in Record Time

Our easy-to-use report wizards help you create reports in six easy steps. Create new reports in just minutes, not hours or days.

No Database Experience Necessary

No need to understand database structures, joins, the SQL language... Horizon Reports has you covered with its built-in knowledge of your database.

Powerful Reports At Your Fingertips

Don't be fooled by our ease-of-use. Beneath the hood is a fast, powerful reporting engine that can create rich, complex business reports as easily as simpler ones.

Output Your Way

Preview or print reports, or output to file (PDF, Docx, Xlsx, etc...). You can also send a report on demand via email or FTP/SFTP.


Create dynamic dashboards to display charts and other data visualization types. Reuse existing report definitions as data sources for dashboard elements.

Schedule Reports

Schedule reports to run at any time you need. Output to file or email the results to whoever needs them.


Define your own custom calculations to use in any report. Use any of the hundreds of built-in functions or create your own.